Anti-wrinkle cream: what they are, how to choose them, their characteristics

What is an anti-wrinkle cream? I know how delicate and difficult it is to choose a cream that is an ally in our daily skincare routine.

Dreams aside, are there any really effective anti-wrinkle creams? And what are their characteristics and properties? How can we still identify the good ones without falling into easy advertising deceit?

Here´s the first tip: beware of appearance. TV commercials are created by directors and image professionals and make it seem as if a touch of anti-wrinkle cream is enough to take 20 years off your age. I´m afraid, but it’s not that simple and, I’m sure you know that well, too.

What are the recommended anti-wrinkle creams?

According to the most recent statistics of the best seller creams, it seems that you can choose between different types of creams. I will present them quickly and I have saved a final advice in the end …

The three anti-wrinkle creams that work for you

  1. Moisturizing cream. If you have dry skin problems, you need a cream that is rich in Shea butter, well-known for its emollient properties, it gives the feeling of a real rose petal spread on your skin. Moreover, it is impossible not to mention the importance of creams that have vitamin A (also commonly known as Retinol), which is particularly appreciated for its ability to stimulate collagen production.

2. Delicate anti-wrinkle cream: to identify it, look at the composition. A delicate anti-wrinkle cream is made up exclusively of natural active ingredients. I will mention some of the best known: Argan Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Extract and Vitamins from Essential Oils. These are all very effective active principles, but also extremely respectful of your skin´s balance.

3. Cream for sensitive skin. It belongs to the category of (extra) luxury creams. On the market you can find different types and I have to admit that studying the composition (for example, there are some with a very high concentration of pure hyaluronic acid: with over 5% of it, too) is an invitation to try them out. The only side effect: the price is not always affordable! It is clear that such a cream is on top of the skincare category and so the price is a self-imposed option…

And the final advice? Stay calm, I haven´t forgotten about it.

The final suggestion regards the choice of a good face Serum to combine to an anti-wrinkle cream. There are different ones available on the market. Even in this case, I would advise you, in addition to the creams that are rich in the aforementioned hyaluronic acid concentrate and with great moisturizing properties, those based on Vitamin B3.

The latter, in fact, is particularly indicated for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. And that’s not the end: Vitamin B3 reduces the production of skin sebum and is therefore ideal for oily skin.

All clear? Well, now the choice is yours!

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