Cellulite problems? Find here the most effective creams

You can stay calm, my dear, cellulite is no longer a taboo. We have learned to admit it to ourselves first. However, it is now the time to resort to remedies and I’ll teach you which are the most effective creams to fight cellulite, that which we hatefully call “orange peel”: an annoying blemish that threatens our skin.

As it is well known, cellulite is caused by a build up of fat and it usually affects hips and thighs. It is the usual story. The usual annoyance. In spite of diets and gym.

It’s not over yet. Cellulite ruins us, we know it. However, it does it in a diabolical way that is different for each of us: some women begin to be affected by cellulite during pregnancy, others succumb to water retention, without forgetting those girls who suffer from a loss of tone. How do we know, then, which cream to use? The game is tough. Let´s try to play, too. Keep on reading and discover which cream is best for you.

How to choose an effective anti cellulite cream

Before choosing, we must ask some questions to ourselves. Let’s see which ones:

1. What causes it? It is easy to say it: I have already mentioned water retention that is a symptom of poor blood circulation that facilitates the deposit of excess fats to the sides. I am immediately going to give you the first advice: along to the application of creams you should follow a healthy diet and constantly resort to sport. On the other hand, we are all aware of the fact that smoking and alcohol could slow down our progress. Memorize the first tips and the swimsuit season will not betray you: right cream, guaranteed result.

2. Is cellulite all the same? No. There are 3 different types:

a) edematous cellulite. It is the most acute form and most of the time it is linked to water retention. Be quick to recognize it: try to pinch your skin, you will feel a particularly intense pain. To fight it, however, involves great willpower and awareness: avoid fatty and salty foods, eliminate alcohol and drink a lot of water.

b) compact cellulite. I would say the most atypical. It affects skinny girls too,causing the loss of skin tone. However, if it is your case, you can spend quiet nights: it does not often involve visible fat accumulations.

c) soft cellulite. The number one enemy. It is visible to the naked eye. The classic “orange peel”, that is shaped by fatty deposits. Unfortunately, it is very complicated to fully eliminate.

3. The best creams for each type of cellulite.

Each skin has its own characteristics. The first step is to always understand the type of cellulite you are suffering from. Once the symptoms uniquely direct to one of the three pathologies, keep an eye on the active ingredients of each cream.

Do you suffer from compact cellulite? There is no better solution than an excellent toning cream: it will restore tone to the affected skin, reinforcing it just enough so that you can gladly go the beach. On the contrary, regarding edematous cellulite and soft cellulite, the two most serious types with which the “orange peel” is usually present, I suggest the use of draining and elasticizing creams.

On the list of active ingredients that will help you solve the problem there should never be missing:

  • caffeine: mobilizes fatty acids, taking them away from the fatty deposits
  • horse chestnut: exceptional draining ingredient that along with aescin, improves circulation by acting on the lymphatic drainage;

Finally, I want to share with you the advice of a dear friend of mine: seaweed, pineapple and red grapes effectively fight water retention, eradicating fat accumulations, and excluding the formation of new ones.

In short, we just have to answer the call for war: you should raise the white flag, “Ms. Cellulite!”

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