DIY face cream: new solutions against wrinkles

Are you tired of wrinkles and crow’s feet? Well, most of us are. We have to admit it: the years pass and it becomes increasingly difficult to remain beautiful and attractive. However, we resist to lose heart. Pay attention: today I will show you how to prepare at home an exceptional moisturizing and anti-wrinkle cream, with only natural ingredients.

It is a recipe that I have perfected over the years, trying to make it simpler with time. I have always had the idea of creating a product that would offer the best benefits, without any preservatives or chemical agents of any kind intervening in the preparation.

The ingredients

a) 30 g of organic aloe vera;

b) 30 g of vegetable oil;

c) 5 g di virgin beeswax;

d) 4 drops of lavender essential oil.

The procedure

Immetti il tutto in una ciotola fredda e dai bordi alti. Firstly, dilute the virgin beeswax (5g) in a bain-marie. As soon as you notice that the wax is completely liquid, add the vegetable oil (30 g). Now, stir the solution you have obtained until it looks well blended. Finally, let the preparation cool down.

Has the mixture warmed and thickened? It’s time to insert aloe vera gel (30 g). In case you do not have organic aloe gel, you could still use distilled water. In any case, the aloe vera gel is easily found in herbalist´s shops. Remember: the gel or, alternatively, the distilled water, should be added drop by drop, in order to have the possibility to stir the mixture as quickly as possible. In case you would need it, this phase of the recipe can be done with the help of an electric whisk.

Insert the whole in a cold bowl with high sides.

The last tricks

Your face cream is almost ready. At first, it may be that the watery part tends to separate from the denser one. Do not give up: swiftly work the mixture for 3-4 minutes. How wonderful: the solution now has a rich density and it is almost … “foamy“!

If you want to, at the end, add 1 pearl of vitamin E, or 4 drops of the soothing and perfumed lavender essential oil. They will give further softness and perfume to the cream. A touch of class.

Put the face cream that you have prepared into a jar with an airtight seal.

How to preserve a homemade face cream

If you are like me and dislike preservatives, keep the preparation for at least 2 months at room temperature. Why so long? An all-natural product follows an equally natural conservation process. Yes, it is true that the preservatives of most of the formulas on the market accelerate this phase. On the other hand, I suggest you to be wary of artificial emulsifiers: they damage the skin in the long run!

Nowadays, face cream is an essential product. None of us can do without it and cosmetic companies have taken advantage of it by inflating the market with a thousand of artificial formulas. However, what do these mixtures with inflated prices contain? The list is ample: oil derivates, silicones, artificial preservatives and synthetic perfumes.

In short, it seems that it did not take long to convince you. Prepare your face cream at home and there will be in 2 to thank you: your skin and … your wallet!

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