Essential oil of Rosa Damascena: benefits and properties

You know well that receiving a rose as a gift from your partner is extremely romantic! Ok, hold on tight because I’ll tell you a secret: from today you’ll have another wonderful reason to hope that your other half will come home with a bouquet of… Bulgarian roses in his hands …

Yes, you read it correctly. No error. The power that a rose withholds has always been tremendous. Did you just have a bad fight? A beautiful rose and everything returns to its place. I bet, though, that you already knew that. However, what you do not know is that rose oil, and in particular, that of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena has astringent, anti-inflammatory andtoning properties and, imagine, it can also give joy by taking away negative thoughts.

Let’s try to make things clear. First of all, what is Rosa Damascena oil and where is it from? It is not precisely known when and from where was the rose transplanted in Bulgaria, the only certainty is that the first implants to distill the essence arose around 1664.

The fantastic invigorating properties of the Bulgarian rose did not take long to surprise the first peasants: they soon realized that, in order to extract the highest essence content from the rose, its petals had to be collected early in the morning when the dew settled. From the very beginning, cosmetic companies have discovered that the distillation process must be carried out until rose water is also obtained: it is an intense and liquid floral oil with an olive-yellow colour.

Among the much vaunted properties of the Bulgarian Damascena Rose there are some that, I believe, will amaze you.

It is sufficient to know, my dear, that your well-being has found a great new ally: rose petals contain relaxing and aphrodisiac substances capable of reinvigorating self-esteem and patience, without forgetting to take care of the sentimental sphere. In brief, are you ready to say goodbye to bad thoughts and open yourself to an injection of joy? No more anger, stress and even the most suffocating aspects of jealousy.

I’ll reveal to you another incredible effect: Bulgarian rose oil helps alleviate menopause sadness, removing even the slightest symptom of depression. It is also excellent during pregnancy as its intoxicating scent serves as a physical and psychological support.

Don’t you feel convinced yet? I doubt it. If not, why not reflect for a moment on the best benefits of the Bulgarian rose oil that I shall summarize below?

  • Aromatherapy. Relaxing, stimulating, great to give balance to the mind, invigorating, fights mild forms of depression, helps against breathing problems, restores the pleasures of love, excellent against headaches.

  • Cosmetic. It relaxes, moisturizes and nourishes the skin by giving it elasticity and softness. Magnificent anti-inflammatory, it also reserves astringent properties that help to minimize skin pores. Anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and healing.

It’s not over yet. You could use Damascene rose oil for cooking: discover its tasty flavor by using it in the preparation of liqueurs, elixirs, desserts and jams.

Then, it is true! The next time that your man makes you angry, tell him not to come home with any other rose. To be forgiven, in short, it will be better if he shows up with a Bulgarian Rosa Damascena or, even better, with its unique and precious oil.

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