Face creams: the 3 steps to follow in order to choose the best ones

Is it easy to choose the best face cream? Of course not!

Yes, I admit it: I have a thousand doubts when it comes to figure out which face cream is right for my skin. My daughter and my friends do nothing but make of fun of me. The right choice before making a purchase is all in the ingredients. No one, however, can say it is an easy decision. You and I know very well that feeling of anguish: do I take this cream, or will that other one be better? In short, you can say it loud, too: knowing which face cream to buy, it’s a serious matter.

On the other hand, you never start from scratch and I’m about to suggest 3 basic steps that you might decide to follow.

1. A cream for each type of skin.

The face cream that best suits your characteristics may not be the most suitable for the particularity of your friend’s skin. Certainly, Christopher Colombus did not make this discovery. Do not despair: there are indeed properties of universal beneficial efficacy. In fact, almost all creams now have active and soothing properties that restore elasticity to the skin, fighting its dryness. If you have particularly sensitive skin that is easily exposed to irritation, I suggest that you avoid exfoliating substances containing glycolic acid.

2. Perfume: the most widespread allergen in creams

Whenever I buy a face cream, I do not want to do it without first reading the list of ingredients. Too many times, in fact, I came across the reading of “unknown ingredients“. Do they hurt our skin? They might. More often than not, there is nothing to worry about: the international production of large-scale goods is always subject to strict controls by the competent authorities. Other times, however, I suggest you keep your guard up. The ingredient that can mislead us more than others is perfume. Fragrances can contain harmful substances: first on all others, phthalates. Do not be fooled: check that in the composition of the product there is not the word “scent” or “fragrance” and, if it is present, choose the face cream that contains it in smaller amounts.

3. Price-quality ratio

My dear, I want to be honest with you. The biggest lie you can hear is that the ideal product should cost a lot. I mean, I’ve never seen a cream that costs € 50 to have double the benefits of one that costs € 25. Be reassured that in most cases, when we buy a cream at obscene prices, we are paying for the brand and the complex marketing system that supports the product. Years of experience in this area have led me, however, to argue the opposite: a more expensive brand does not always correspond to the best quality.

Ok, the opposite is also true. For sure, a cream under 10 € presents the lowest concentrations of active properties that could to help us to achieve the results that we all hope for.

My advice? Virtue lies in the middle: buy a good cream, neither too expensive nor too cheap. It is always better to apply small amounts of an excellent face cream on a daily basis than spreading exorbitant amounts of a useless, ineffective, if not harmful cream!

That is all, for today. Now, go on and tell your friends that you have all the knowledge that is needed to choose the best face cream.

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