Face mask with brewer’s yeast: a fantastic purifying effect

Do you have oily skin that is prone to acne? There is nothing better than the brewer’s yeast face mask. In fact, my dear, ancient knowledge cannot be easily denied. The process of using brewer’s yeast is not only effective but also extraordinarily natural. In a market that is inflated by chemicals, it manages to purify the face by crossing the most superficial epidermis and without causing harmful effects to the body.

Nonetheless, I can not hide that some of my trusted friends have suggested me to apply it especially when your face reveals signs of tiredness: it restores brightness to dull skin, ensuring its best anti-wrinkle benefits. Finally, brewer’s yeast is also known for its smoothing and moisturizing properties.

Keep scrolling down and let me show you my best recipes.

1.“Classic” brewer´s yeast mask

First, get a fresh cube of brewer’s yeast. It won´t be difficult: you can easily find it in the refrigerated counter of all supermarkets or, the way I prefer is to directly contact a trusty gastronomer.

What else will you need for preparing the mask? A bowl with high edges and some warm water. Take the bowl and, after having placed the yeast cube in the middle, add warm water. Be careful not to add too much water: just a few drops will be enough to dissolve the yeast. The secret lies in the density of the mask, which would not bring the desired benefits if it was too liquid.

Shake the mixture and apply it on a dry and absolutely clean face: it often happens that redness due to skin irritation is caused by agents that are unrelated to the mask. Now, spread the product with your hands and be wary of those that suggest you use a brush: fingertips facilitate absorption. Keep the mask on your face until it has completely dried up. On average, it takes 15 minutes.

You’re almost done. Rinse your face and voilà: your face will be beautiful and bright like it has never been before!

2. Face mask with brewer´s yeast and lemon

Find here the recipe of the most suitable mask for treating oily and acneic skin types.

Preparing it is really simple. As in the previous recipe, mix a cube of brewer’s yeast with some warm water. After a generous half an hour, squeeze a lemon and add the juice. And that is all. Spread the mask on your face and let it act for no less than 25 minutes. Rinse your face then with warm water. When will you see the first results? Repeat after two weeks and in a few minutes you will notice the first benefits.

Warning: lemon extract is photo-sensitive, so stay away from the sunlight for a while, it will help you avoid unaesthetic spots from appearing on the skin.

3. Face mask with brewer´s yeast and yoghurt

Nothing better against fatigue and long days of work.

What do you need? Milk and low-fat yogurt, in addition to the usual fresh cube of brewer’s yeast.

How to prepare it? Once again, it will not take long. Split the yeast cube in half. Make sure you have obtained two perfectly equal parts and place one half in a little milk. Now, add half a jar of natural yogurt. Your pasty mask is now ready: spread it over your face and keep it on for about 15 minutes.

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