Face serum. Which ones are the best? How to apply it? The guideline that you have been requesting for a long time.

It is needless to hide it. Many women, like me, have been wondering for a long time in what does really consist a face serum. Who among you, at least once, has not wondered about its best properties, the best benefits that its application provides, effectiveness times and its possible substitution to an ordinary moisturizing body cream.

Girls, today we will answer many doubts, we will overcome some insecurities, and we will be convinced by the plentiful firming effects of our product.

We all have a skin care ritual divided into several phases. Now, imagine being in front of the mirror in the middle of the “treating and curative” phase. It is important to understand that the serum contains different active ingredients and effects from the day or night cream that we apply on our faces in order to obtain skin rejuvenation. In fact, a serum is capable of dealing with a further and specific sub-phase of the daily beauty treatment: it tackles problems that become evident over the years, such as skin tone, spots, glow, terrible wrinkles, and the list of the most various forms of blemishes could go on … Let us be strong and never give up to the setbacks of ageing.

Can serum be our ally? What is it used for?

To nothing new, you may think. I have the duty to contradict you, my friends: a serum combined to a cream multiplies the benefits, countless more than the single use of one or the other.

Yes, all clear. But how should we use a face serum so that it will act in the most effective and fastest way possible?

No fear, I’m here to explain you how to do it. To start with, your face has to be clean and dry. Now, just take two or three drops of serum, warm them for a few moments on the palm of your hands and gently apply them on your face. The game is done, now.

On the other side, never massage the serum: better do slow movements starting from outwards first and then converging inwards. One last thing: it is extremely important to apply the serum before the cream, in the morning or in the evening.

In many of you, have been questioning the possible side effects that applying serum could have. Stay calm: it has been proved in many occasions that there are no specific side effects. Some more information could certainly be useful to you: for sure it must not be used on the periocular area, as unfortunately some have dared to…

Now, let’s try to sum up some properties of the face serum. In many have exalted the moisturizing and firming efficacy due to a substantial concentration of vitamin C. Age advances, poor sleeping habits do not help and wrinkles have began to scatter around the eyes? The serum also has an immediate smoothing effect: the skin looks invigorated, softer and more elastic, to put it briefly a kind of natural lifting!

I hope that a few more words about the importance of a consistent use of the appropriate serum, as useful as it and still unknown to many, has convinced you of its many benefits. Now, you just have to try it!

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