Hand creams for cracked hands: all the tips you need to follow in winter

It´s the same story every winter. As it gets cold, hands tend to dry and dehydrate. The results are annoying and, in the most serious cases, even painful: there are those who deal with light redness, those who instead have to deal with cracks and itching while some can experience bleeding, too. The best remedy? It is always the same: the hand cream for cracked hands is the leading cure.

In this article, my dear, I will teach you a few tips that I hope will be useful for the beauty of your hands and for helping you identify the most effective hand creams for cracked hands. Remember: protecting our skin against freezing temperatures is a necessity before of an aesthetic choice.

The winter season, beyond any doubt, requires your hand care to be taken to a higher level: the wind, frost and rain all expose our skin to external aggressions from which we must defend ourselves. At least in some ways, the Good Lord has provided for it: our body sets in motion a phenomenon of vasoconstriction so that the heat is dispersed at a minimum level. On the other hand, when there is a rise in body temperature, the restriction of blood vessels leads to a shortage in skin nutrition: blood circulates more slowly and the skin tends to dry more easily.

The main problems and the precautions to be followed

My suggestion? “Health comes first”, our grandmothers used to say. It’s exactly what you need to do: protect your hands, nourish them with the right cream and check that the concentration of fats in your skin is always balanced.

Below you will find some more some more specific advices

a) You do not want to give up going out? Well… do not forget to wear gloves!

b) You have to wash the dishes, I understand. It is also your duty, however, to protect your hands from cold water and detergents: use the appropriate latex gloves and choose good quality and hypoallergenic ones.

c) Wash your hands only when necessary. It may seem strange, I know, but water dries the skin. When you do, among other things, remember to use non-aggressive and hypoallergenic detergents: the foam lowers the protection against skin irritations.

d) The most important advice: buy a specific cream for cracked hands that performs an emollient action. The most suitable are those that contain vegetable oils or butters.

So, how do you identify the most suitable hand creams? Continue reading and you’ll find out!

Best hand creams for cracked hands

1. Aloe vera hand cream

Use it on a daily basis: it helps the skin by making it softer and more elastic. Protection is guaranteed thanks to the nourishing action of the aloe vera juice, combined with a rosehip extract.

2. Oats hand cream

The most commercial one, with the typical moisturizing and protective functions. The benefits are also classic and immediate: it comforts the skin thanks to the oats` emollient and soothing function.

3. Hand cream with aluminium chlorohydrate

They call it “barrier cream” and there is a reason for it: aluminium hydrochloride, thanks to its water repellent function, fights dryness and ensures rapid skin invigoration.

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