Moisturizing face serum: for a soft and relaxed skin

Do you wish for an elastic and velvety skin? Make sure that in your beauty case you are not missing a moisturizing face serum. Many of your friends already use it, but you would like to know more: keep reading and I will give you some “secret” advices.

Moisturizing face serum: the perfect aesthetic treatment

It seems that cosmetic companies have decided to invest abundantly on moisturizing serum. It is not surprising. The product that I will show you, in fact, brings together properties that not all invigorating creams possess. Let’s discover them together.

Firstly, the serum gives its best benefits against dry and inelastic skin. Its great ability to speed up the production of collagen and elastin, crowns it as the number one ally of skin rejuvenation. Apply it on the face proceeding with delicate and concentric movements. Be careful so that it does not end up in the eye as it can cause severe irritation. I also suggest you to spread it on a dry and absolutely clean face.

Do not forget to make a daily use of it: at work and at home, it will not take long for you to receive the first compliments. In short, there will no longer be any need to fear the bad signs that time leaves on your skin: say goodbye to the most annoying little wrinkle!

Isn´t that fantastic? Perhaps even more. I do not hide you that at the beginning I, too, was super wary. I mean, it often happens that many of us have questioned the possible side effects of these products. At times I was also afraid that the moisturizing face serum could not be applied together with any nourishing face cream, and that the skin could be exposed to painful rashes. Nothing could be more false than that. I sought for information from the best dermatologists in my city. The result? They all told me the same and identical thing: the serum does not exclude the cream. It is recommended, however, to spread the serum first. Once dried, you can proceed in complete tranquility with the application of the cream.

The process of skin hydration: what should be done in order to achieve better results

The best experts in this field have highlighted an essential element in the process of skin hydration: if you wish for your moisturizing face serum to offer its greatest advantages, make sure to hydrate homogeneously the whole face and after the treatment, your skin’s appearance will look uniform.

Fresh and velvety, the serum will make you love it not only for the simple hydration: you will also get an invigorating, smoothing and illuminating effect. What do you wish for more in life?

When should you use a moisturizing serum?

According to Jean-Marc Vernet, a well-known Doctor of Pharmacy: “There are few people who spontaneously ask me for a moisturizing serum, but there are many situations that lead me to recommend its application”.

It is usually recommended:

a) on skin that is easily prone to redness, in search of a satisfying comfort;

b) on young skin that is particularly dry and presents various imperfections;

c) on skin that needs a luminous effect, and is now loosened by ageing;

d) on skin that is obstinately struggling against wrinkles, starting from age 35.

Is your skin thirsty? Let it dive into this river of hydration.

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