ORGANIC EYE CREAM: all the benefits that you do not expect

Dear girls, let´s not hide it: for we women, life starts being tough once we step in our 40s. Certainly, those who know, are aware that we don´t lose our charm, but we all know that at the first wrinkle that appears on the skin, there are a thousand reasons to be anxious of. For boys, it´s different. They welcome with serenity the new years that are coming because they become more “charming”, at least that´s what they say! Do you think it´s fair?

As a matter of fact, what we cannot bear is the increasing amount of threatening wrinkles, dark circles and “crow´s feet”. Stay calm, I have what you are looking for: a healthy and effective remedy!

Time has taught me to be wary of industrial cosmetic products: they are stuffed with parabens and silicones, they leave a few apparent benefits on the skin, only to reveal themselves as more than damaging in the future. Industrial cosmetics, do nothing but clogging your pores: behind the first few advantages, there is a thousand of drawbacks hiding, and they cause more problems than they promise to solve. Parabens and silicones, when tested on sea animals, have shown to pollute the surrounding air and aquifer.

There is nothing better than an excellent eco-friendly and organic eye cream, which adds utility to the eye area, but also to the environment: it will be immensely grateful.


Properties of eco-friendly and organic eye creams

Haven´t had the chance of encountering natural under eye creams? Well, you won´t be able to live without them anymore. Find below, their best properties and features:

–          They do not cause allergies: nature, is their best friend;

–          They are composite of natural source preservatives;

–          They are produced with exclusively natural raw materials, most of them come from organic farming;

–          They are not tested on animals: the English speak of “Cruelty free” products;

–          They hydrate and nourish the skin by giving it soft elasticity: all thanks to the micronutrients and numerous vitamins that they contain.

Are you afraid that an organic under eye cream is a niche product, and difficult to find on the market? It is false: cosmetic houses, have been open to lavish investments and it is easy now to find on the market, serums, creams and any kind of cosmetics exclusively made with natural fomulas. A few examples?

Do you desire fresh skin that gives you that much awaited sense of well-being? The essential oils of Rosa Damascena are excellent products: make an accurate daily use of it and “crow´s feet” will wear thin until becoming imperceptible. Try an eye cream with Pomegranate Extract, one of the best natural antioxidants that are on themarket. Some suggest Hemp seed oil. They say it is the best oil with balancing properties existing in nature: used as an eye cream, it strengthens the skin by giving it a gratifying sense of rejuvenation.

This is it: hydrated and smooth skin? It is possible with natural products: they don´t harm you and they don´t harm the environment!


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