UNDER EYE AREA: MEN have to take care of their skin, too

Hydrated, reinvigorated and elastic skin? Good-bye to preconceptions, taking good care of your skin, it is not only a prerogative of the ladies. Ageing skin is a concern for everyone. Better run for cover by using an eye cream for men to defeat eye bags, wrinkles and “crow´s feet”.

It is known that the periocular area is among the most delicate and sensitive ones. Time passing leaves its marks on the skin and it is not always easy to say good-bye to dark circles and other flaws. Nowadays, men are increasingly taking care of their aesthetics and cosmetic houses have certainly not refused to invest on the market of male care products. While women have years of experience on their shoulders, men could find it more difficult to find the appropriate remedy to treat dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

What would be the most appropriate remedy? No worries, there is a remedy to everything. It is true that wrinkles on your face, speak about your personal story and highlight stress and efforts, however it is important to take care of yourself if you wish to obtain a quick skin rejuvenation and look your best. When it comes to rejuvenation, some would directly think of hyaluronic acid and others would rely on to their partner´s trusted beautician. None of that is necessary, as natural methods are the best and are affordable by all.

Daily tricks for an ever young under eye area

Dear reader, I am here to tell you a few tricks to keep on a daily basis: the eye cream has become a must in men´s beauty routine and I suggest to give it importance if you wish to look young and super attractive. How can a man avoid wrinkles that attempt to hide his charm?

  1. A healthy lifestyle. We have to leave our body to rest: sleep has to be regular and satisfying. Do you have to wake up early in order to go to work? Easy: go to bed earlier. The 8-hour rule does not have to be betrayed. A healthy nutrition, the use of natural oils (try Rosa Damascena Oil, an excellent product against puffy eyes). It can seem trivial, but it is of major importance to not overly expose yourself to the sunrays; they prevent the fast production of collagen and elastin, the first two allies of a smooth and hydrated skin.
  2. Natural remedies. Are you in a rush, do you have an important appointment in the evening and a return trip has extremely stressed you? No worries: you should always keep a few chamomile tea bags inside the freezer to apply on the eyes 10 minutes before leaving the house. Chamomile releases decongestant and vasoconstrictor effects: muscular fibers contract and as a consequence,the caliber of blood vessels is reduced. With this simple last minute remedy,the result will be fresh and reinvigorated skin.

It really looks like men cannot do without an under eye cream. Let go of any kind of resistance because taking care of your skin is not just a ladies´ thing.

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