UNDER EYE AREA: the most common disorders and the most effective creams

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Today we shall talk about the under eye area: which disorders do usually trouble the periocular area and what are the most effective remedies?

Let ́s proceed with order. Skin is endowed with glands that secrete sebum, the number one friend of skin hydration. Skin around the eyes has very few glands meaning that there is poor hydration, dryness and a rapid ageing in course.

The under eye area skin is very thin and facial expressions, humidity and temperature leaps are all enemies of a young and smooth skin; as the periocular area skin is thin, it is easily exposed to premature attrition. Lymphatic circulation is slowed down and as a result there is a limp replacement of the elastic fibers and collagen, the first allies of a smooth and reinvigorated skin.


The most common disorders

  1. Under-eye bags. There are two types of bags: the ones that women love and the ones that women hate. Let ́s take care of the second ones and talk about this typical flaw of the under eye area: the more the years go by and the more they are exposed to become evident. What determines them?The connective tissue, the cellular layer of skin, loses elasticity and its cave incauses the appearance of under-eye bags.
  2. Wrinkles. They are the most dreaded enemy and we women struggle to accept them. They are called “crow ́s feet”, too. Other than natural wrinkles that are a consequence of skin ageing, there are menstrual wrinkles, too; in fact, the strains of the menstrual cyclehave an effect on the delicate periocular area: with the appropriate cosmetics we can at least slow down this natural process.
  3. Dark circles. These are caused by caused by a deceleration of the venous and lymphatic microcirculation of the area inherent to the eye contour. The causes? Alas, the usual: lack of sleep and advance of age. Alas, the usual: poor rest and surplus of age. The epidermis gradually gets thinner and withstands with lesseffectiveness the causes of dryness.

The most effective creams

Dear friend, it is true that taking care of your skin, particularly of the delicate one in the periocular area, is a healthy habit. It is also true that anti-age aesthetic treatment should start once you pass 30. The under-eye area must be adequately protected from environmental pollution to which the skin isevery day exposed, and the use of make-up should not be overdone.

With proper care, we canmaintain our beauty and youth. The most effective remedy? I have a preferance for moisturizing and elasticizing creams.The use of delicate and light products is recommended. The best ones? Always choose creams that have antioxidant, nourishing and regenerating properties: the active ingredients they contain within are often able to make the difference!


How to apply cream? It ́s simple: gently spread the cream on a clean and dry face. The movement should always be the same: circular and from the inside to the outside. Be careful, though, it does not take long for the cream to end up in the eye: it is better to avoid as itcan cause a strong burning sensation.

As the years pass, the signs of skin ageingseem to unfailingly increase? Do not worry: we have our weapons and we know how to use them!

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