Under Eye Area: The 3 most important things to know

You look tired, your under eye bags and crow´s feet are becoming increasingly more insistent? Are you fed up of hearing that you have wrinkles? Look no further: here are the 3 most important things that you have to know about fighting the unestheatic effect of dark circles. Let´s be honest, the under eye area makes the difference and it is important, in order to avoid a quick ageing of the skin, to succeed in choosing the most suitable cosmetic product. Cosmetic houses do not intend to stop: they continue to create compositions that are useful to the the most various needs, without forgetting to place them in a packaging that facilitates the application of the product in the most efficient way.


Therefore, it would look as if the under eye area has escalated the rankings and has become a must in the daily beauty routine. Do never cheat the 3 fundamental rules, the first benefits will be quickly noticed!

The fundamental rules when choosing an eye cream


  1. The best formula. It is not always easy to find the optimal composition. I shall try to give you some tips: it is important to choose an eye cream that adapts best to your needs and takes care of your daily habits, without neglecting the age factor, always on the first place. Moreover, the ideal product for all ages will certainly have elasticizing, moisturizing, deflating and reinvigorating properties: all functional to an excellent microcirculation, the number one friend of skin rejuvenation.


  1. Methods of applying the product. Often, and almost always, the effect is the direct consequence of the way you have applied the product. Remember that the direction is just one and it can never be reverted: from the inside to the outside, starting from the nose to the direction of the cheekbone until you reach the arch of the eyebrows. Such area is very delicate, do not forget to be soft when massaging the product. An advice? Tap with small and thick strokes by using the tip of the ring finger: this way you will avoid to get too close to the iris, which can easily be prone to irritations.


  1. The most efficient applicator. Time is gone for classic jars and little tubes with a thin final tip. In fact, the cosmetic industry makes strides to meet its ever demanding consumers. It has already been a few years since cosmetic houses have invested everything on the spatula applicator: now you have no more rivals to stimulate blood circulation.

It is well-known, that once past the age of 25, good times are over, and we women have to admit it: we have a compulsory meeting with the eye cream, if we wish to make use of its essential benefits. Recent studies enhance the useful effects from using the eye cream correctly: you can say good-bye to wrinkles and eye bags, and embrace the advantages of its decongestant, illuminating and deflating properties. Give new energy to your face!

Nourishing your skin by giving it the elasticity that every woman wishes for, has never been this easy. Now you know the 3 rules. Easy, isn´t it? Keep in mind to combine them to the golden rule that we all know: sleep is always the greatest alley against any kind of fatigue.

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