UNDER EYE WRINKLES: the main causes and the 3 methods to fight them

Your face shows a a few signs of ageing and has a tired look? I understand: you are concerned with the usual problem regarding the annoying “wrinkles” on the periocular area. They are called “crow´s feet”: with the advancing of the years, the organism struggles to replace collagen and elastin´s proteins, the fundamental supporters of a smooth and elastic skin. Let´s have a look first and then we shall suggest a few effective remedies.

The fundamental causes of wrinkles around the eyes

  1. Ageing. Well, that´s not news. Ageing does not facilitate the constant production of collagen and elastin that are able to replace the lost ones. Skin wears thin and it is more easily exposed to dehydration and wrinkles.
  2. Frequent facial expressions. To laugh, to despair in excess and to constantly squeeze your eyes are further causes of wrinkles around the eyes: skin underneath the eyelid weakens, and with time it is easily predisposed to dryness.
  3. Excessive sun exposure. It is well-known: staying for too long under the sun, without proper protection facilitates the formation of crow´s feet under the eyes. Skin gets excessively overheated: a proper hydration will help to defeat the drying of the skin, that is one of the major causes of wrinkle formation.
  4. Smoking. Should we remind you? “Smoking kills”, “Smoking seriously harms you and others around you” etc. It is never enough to insist against the damages caused by cigarettes. Let´s try and mention another one. Smoking is an ally of an early skin aging and leaves free radicals in the body: they reduce the quantity of elastin and collagen and so the skin dries out.

The 3 best remedies

Under eye wrinkles exist, even though we do not like to admit it. There are ways to defeat them, find here 3 of the most popular ones:

  1. The treatment of wrinkles through medical procedures.
  • Botox. Injections of botulinum toxin have a freezing effect on facial muscles, avoiding this way the creation of wrinkles on the skin. However, it is worth mentioning that botox does smoothen and fill in wrinkles, but it is not devoid of inconveniences. Botox is not a natural remedy as the effects of it last for just about an year. Later, you would have to undergo to further injections.
  • Laser resurfacing. Well-known as “laser treatment”, it is able to act deep on wrinkles. It confers skin the possibility of producing new collagen and elastin, in a way that it can replace the lost quantities.
  • Dermabrasion. Medical crystals are used to act on the skin´s surface layer with a sort of “scraping”. Light wounds are provoked and the new skin that will form to replace them, will be devoid of wrinkles.
  1. Daily use of hydrating creams.

Creams are useful to hide skin flaws rather than defeating them permanently. On the market, there are countless products, some strictly hydrating properties, others with mainly reinvigorating, deflating and antioxidant features. Taking care of your skin by applying the correct creams, should be a must in your beauty routine.

  1. Natural methods.

Do you consider yourself environmentally friendly, and other than taking care of skin, you are concerned about the surroundings? You have my full support, I am one of you. Among the natural anti-wrinkle remedies, I suggest:

  • Eye massages. One of the most popular natural methods to say good-bye to wrinkles. Firstly, wash your hands, later hydrate them with a few drops of Grapeseed oil or Coconut Oil, and delicatley massage with slow, circular movements around the periocular area. Be careful not to exercise strong pressure on the skin as the oil needs time to be completely absorbed.
  • Masks. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face. Apply a mask. Leave it on for a good falf an hour. That’s all: another natural remedy to banish wrinkles from the under eye area

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