Vitamin C serum: the cosmetic product that you were looking for

Your age is advancing and you are looking for a product that will give you a proper glow? My dear, the Vitamin c serum is the right product. An elixir of youth. A concentrate of brightness. Find out and you will not have to look elsewhere.

The best properties of this serum

Yes, but … what does it consist of and what real benefits delivers the cosmetic product that we are talking about?

Firstly, the antioxidant function deserves a special mention. In fact, the commonly known as “vitamin C”, or ascorbic acid, is able to counteract skin ageing. The effectiveness is proven. The photo and chrono-protective properties fight the creation of wrinkles of expression and stimulate a spontaneous collagen production.

Secondly, vitamin C is renowned for its skin lightening properties that act against hypopigmentation patches and photo-aging.

Finally, we have to mention the typical anti-inflammatory action of ascorbic acid. Say goodbye even to the most annoying skin blemishes.

Guaranteed results and eventual side effects

Try the Vitamin C Serum and be ready to make it a must in your daily beauty routine. The main reason? A few applications are enough for your skin to be reinvigorated; your skin will glow and it will be brighter than ever.

In addition to the typical luminous effect, the Vitamin C serum is able to give a greater homogeneity and compactness to the skin. In short, are you looking for an absolutely revitalizing effect? It is guaranteed.

Now, my dear, let me give you another important indication. You should always keep in mind that due to the fact that it is photosensitive and has a natural predisposition to decay, it is of primary importance to favor a stabilized vitamin C serum.

To be honest, there are some mutterings about the possible side effects. In fact, it has been said that vitamin C can be irritating on particularly sensitive skin. In any case, in order to avoid annoying skin redness, remember to use everyday a sunscreen product. Even if it is not a hot Sunday of August, and you are not by the sea, is not enough to avoid nasty surprises: it is always better to prevent any risks by using sunscreen protection.

Texture and acne treatment

Not convinced yet? I doubt that you will still be, after reading what I’m about to tell you. Well, yes: among the prominent features of the perfect cosmetic – of which we are always fanatically looking for – on top of the list are compactness and robustness. Bingo! The Vitamin C serum can be spread with absolute ease and is absorbed by the skin without leaving greasy or sticky residues. In addition, the texture that characterizes the serum allows it to be applied before the moisturizer and make-up, too.

I have time to tell you one last gem. Two of my friends have told me that the Vitamin C serum helps to fight acne and tighten the pores. They did not think twice of recommending its use to their teenage daughters and, as if by magic, a new ally was discovered against the annoying and unattractive pimples.

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