Your homemade face mask with honey and sugar

Taking care of your skin is essential. Doing it with homemade products can be decisive for our own health.

Today, my friend, I will show you how to obtain perfect skin with the use of ingredients that may seem, at least at first, atypical: honey and sugar. These two are substances that we all use commonly, and we certainly already have at home. Of course, we use them to sweeten coffee and, in the case of honey, also to treat the most annoying colds.

There is more. Unlike what you might think at first, honey and sugar have, in fact, exceptional cosmetic properties: they restructure the skin by deeply nourishing it, they prevent and fight wrinkles and, finally, have soothing effects against redness due to skin irritations.

Then, there is nothing to be surprised of if cosmetic companies have carried on with the research: they did not take long to realize that the best benefits are obtained with substances that Mother Earth has donated to us. Homemade cosmetics, therefore, have the peculiarity of being composed by natural elements that, at the same time, can prove to be highly moisturizing and antioxidant.

You and I, however, are smarter: why should we buy, even at high prices, a honey and sugar face mask if we can make it at home?

How to make at home a honey and sugar face mask

It’s not that difficult, just follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Use very fine cane sugar. If you cannot easily find it at the supermarket, do not despair: you will not have to do anything else but pour it for about thirty seconds in a blender. It is an essential step in order to create a light mask: the skin on your face is more sensitive than any other body area.

2. Start of the preparation. At the end, the face mask should be rich and gelatinous. It all depends on the ingredients and the quantities that we use. It’s very easy. Place in a cup:

a) 1 spoon of natural yoghurt;

b) 3 spoons of cane sugar;

c) 3 spoons of honey.

Stir well until you realize that you have the right density. If, on the other hand, your skin presents many spots, it will not hurt to add a few more drops of honey.

3. Mask application. Get a thin brush and spread the preparation on your face. Proceed for at least ten minutes to massage the T-zone (forehead-nose) with your fingertips. You’d better do it, my dear, if you want your skin to absorb the product in its entirety. In fact, the massage helps the mask to penetrate pores in depth, guaranteeing a maximum cleansing of the skin.

4. How to remove the mask. Both honey and sugar are soluble: lukewarm water will be enough for the formula to come off easily. Now, look at the mirror: if your skin looks very velvety and it is glowing, the honey and sugar face mask has delivered the desired effects.

At the end of the treatment, I suggest applying a moisturizer: it helps to maintain the benefits intact during the day.

Are we clear? Maintaining our beauty is a must.

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